I Stood Crying

He never loved Christmas
A long time ago
“Nonsense,” said he
“And I don’t like snow.”

Christmas Eve night
Snug in his bed
Frowning and fretting
Hiding his head

Alone in his room
Silent and still
A sound in the heavens
Gave him a chill

Bells he heard ringing
A voice far away
Jing, Jing a ling, ling
“Merry Christmas, I say.”

Closer and closer
Still closer it came
Doubtless, for sure
The voice called his name

To the window he ran
Nervous, he shook
Eyes opened wide
To the starlight he looked

There in the sky
A wonderful sight
A sled with nine reindeer
Flew through the night

A fat man in red
Called out each name
Lashing his whip
Closer they came

 There I stood crying
A long time ago
“Oh, how I love Christmas.”
“I also love snow.”
Copyright © 2003 Delbert. H. Rhodes


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