All Children’s Dreams

The chilly winds blow
And snowflakes are falling
From the neighbor’s yard
Big Dog is calling

The window embraces
Starry-lit skies
And the blanket of white
So sweet to the eyes

Quietly, the radio
Plays people singing
In the distance-somewhere
Church bells are ringing

In an-unknown land
Of crystalline light
A fat man and helpers
Work through the night

Deep in dark caverns
Where a north pole beams
The man makes ready
For all children’s dreams

Lovingly the gifts
Are packed on his sleigh
After twilight twinkles
He will be on his way

Hidden on a hillside
His deer tap a tune
Glory in their hearts
For they will fly soon

High in the heavens
On a chariot of wings
Rides a fat man in red
And the toys he brings
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “All Children’s Dreams

  1. Thank you Terry. A book is something I frequently consider. Though my self published paperbacks (Short-Stories) always contain at least one poem, I would love to have my works commercially published. A Tough Road to walk, occasionally, I approach.



  2. Now that is too cute! I would love to see your work illustrated in a book. Hhhmmmmmm – something to thing about? You would leave your mark in the world – a legacy – a reminder that you were here.



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