Dread of Night

In dark of night
The witches play
Their laughter cries
By light of day

In bubbling pots
A brew they cook
By firelight
The bones they took

To starlit skies
And sullen moon
The witches dare
Embrace the gloom

Round and round
They sweetly dance
Through ghastly eyes
A ghoulish glance

Before them plates
Are filled with meat
Stolen bodies
Tonight they eat

Tales of lust
Gorge the feast
Thy blackened hearts
Console the beast

The book of blood
The shadows read
A deadly plot
Has taken seed

As witches plan
The human plight
Creatures laugh
To their delight

A sanguine pledge
The witches make
A sacrifice
A heart to take

In dread of night
The body screams
Dare to sleep
Beware your dreams

Copyright © 2008 Delbert H. Rhodes

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