By Delbert H. Rhodes

A strange tale from long ago, and told by those who knew. Tells of a land where dwells a creature, and doubtless, the story is true. Its coat of silk, mane of light, and eyes shining like glass, with hoofs of rose to touch the heart, its speed exceedingly fast; with wings of gold to brush the winds, it traces across the skies; and believe it or not, the “Old One” says, through centuries old it flies. The search for truth its ultimate quest, rainbows light the way, continues the search, the Old One says, until this very day. The goal unmet it is not done yet and every rock it turns; surrender never an option…until mankind learns. The human heart one day to find, then surely the searching ends, on that day love would live, and then life begins…

Copyright © 2008 Delbert H. Rhodes

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