About Me

By Delbert H. Rhodes

Hello and welcome. From my home office I incorporate every step required to bring my written work to publication. These include, but are not limited to writing, copyediting, proofreading, printing and binding. I enjoy every type of writing specializing in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. To date: I have written more than one hundred poems and slightly less than one hundred short stories. Additionally, I have produced two newsletters and two poem books. Behind the scenes, the bones of my auto-biography acquire substance.

Goals: Becoming a credible, and regarded and well-read writer is important to me. Daily, I study and diligently endeavor to evolve, grow into the craft. Today, my works demonstrate this metamorphosis; today, I write well; still, there remains much to learn. Currently, I seek national and international publication of my works.

Repose: Although our moments in life may differ, some commonalities we share; the need of self identification, expression and purpose. I know me and strive to better my craft and life. Within the scopes of my writings these gifts exist; however, sometimes I struggle to comprehend, to recognize them. The venture engaged; the goals to be met, productivity, mine.

History: Writing (for me) represents a passionate outlet for expressing my feelings and fully embracing a subject, the world around me without discomfort. The venue permits me to approach a theme with honesty and joyful creation. I have struggled most of my life, determining what I want. Then one day, it happened. One day I realized that writing helps me to breathe, helps me to live, offers me something that no other (ever) has, happiness. I am happy to have this wonderful opportunity and would offer my (potential) readers my best.

Summation: The path I follow has, I believe, been waiting for me, and since my birth. Time, and aging and maturation were requisite before the zeal could be mine. I am here, I have grown, and I am ready. Eagerly: while looking to tomorrow through yesterday’s eyes, I dare to venture the search, engaging the risks of finding. I desire to ask the questions, anxiously shouldering the answers. Around me the shadows live, they welcome and embrace me, for, now, I am home.

If you are trusting, and willing and curious, I would share this walk with you.

Would you come?

Copyright © 2011-2015 Delbert H. Rhodes

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Del,
    Hope you are well. I enjoy reading all that you write especially b/c I know it all comes from within your heart. I feel your words heart-to-heart. That takes an extra special person/soul in touch with his inner self/God to do that and I believe you are one of those. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
    May God continue to bless you always as you bless others,
    Love to you,
    Mary Ann


    1. Hi MaryAnn!

      Thank you for the wonderful comments. Writing is important to me and offers me comfort in a world filled with hurt pain and sadness. MaryAnn it (also) makes me happy knowing that others (you) connect with something/anything that I write; we (all) share feelings in this world and must communicate these to help one another. Dear Lady, yes, we share HEART to HEART and this is immensely important to me. Love to You, Sweet Lady.



  2. Delbert,

    It’s funny but I find that the curtain actually allows me to be my authentic self online way more then I am able to be in my private life. In the real world I work in marketing and public relations thus I must weigh my every action in the harsh glare of a reality that includes media circuits, press conferences, public events ect…. but the electronic curtain actually allows me a certain amount of freedom from it all;-) So for now I will happily remain hidden…for the most part. But I am loving your blog. Care to blog roll with me.


    1. Hi ‘Raven,
      Yes, I can understand your need of anonymity; hiding would offer you both flexibility and privacy. The public sector is filled with lots of questions and answers and probing and everything else, though it must be exciting to some degree, to actively walk through its corridors (still) the need for privacy elsewhere is without query.

      I have often wanted to be a contributing writer to some commercial entity, but because I am not classically trained the opportunities evade me; who knows, maybe before I’m too old.

      Regarding blogrolling: Absolutely. I would love to blogroll with you. Though my life, these days, is not as busy as your own, I write to my blog once/twice weekly-if the thoughts or feelings permit. Welcome aboard ‘Raven. I am happy to know you.

      Be Well


  3. Hi Kedge,
    I moved to New York from the state of Florida. I agree: procrastination is powerful and controlling, almost damning. The thing wraps itself around the mind and refuses to let go; personally denying mental freedom and connectivity.

    (Actually, within the shadowy grips of this demon, one is no longer personally recognizable.)

    In youth I suffered this syndrome, I was insecure and shy, in certain ways, but aging, and experience and (time?) and life have solidified me. Though the currents continue to flow the river’s wrath has lessened. Surely this you understand.

    I too am happy you are aboard, guy, it makes the walk less tiresome and (more) pleasurable.

    I have added your link to my Blogroll, Kedge, others (as do I) would benefit from your intellectual “ramblings,” and engaging fictional tales.

    Chat soon, friend


  4. Hey Delbert,

    So far I’ve only read your About Me but the title alone of “The Man The Boy The Bastard” is enough to make me want to read that!

    One thing I would like to ask is – you moved to New York. Were you living in the US before that? Or did you move there from overseas?

    Procrastination is certainly a powerful villain in our lives, it has challenged me at many turns in my path and it can seem undefeatable especially if you recognise it and then give it power rather than standing against it. It seems you have stood up now, though, and that is wonderful news.

    I’m happy to share your walk, I think.

    Cheers for contacting me,


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