Jenna: The Woman, the Writer

456043-1440x900-[]Today, Jenna’s stories are published in big named magazines and even by bestselling novelists; however, her successes in writing occurred by trial and error.

Twenty years ago: A lovely woman of thirty and a psychotherapist, Jenna’s profession is a wonderful resource for short stories and even novels; however she is not a writer; nonetheless, the thought often enters her mind. Then during a counsel a patient shares an interesting tale.

For the past three years, Charlie secretly romanced a prostitute and then fell in love with her. Falling in love with a Pro offers him a comfy spot but only on Jenna’s couch. Charlie’s steamy, sticky love life is exciting and unknown to him his therapist uneasily sits.

Although a Psychotherapist, Jenna too is a woman; the tales Charlie weave thrill, and excite her and she anticipates every session. Once, Jenna’s professionalism and imagination struggled for ground. Ending each session begins Jenna’s search, she hungers for difference, newness, excitement. One night she absentmindedly listens to a TV broadcast, something the guy said alerts her. “Good storytelling requires special abilities, a person must show the tale without telling it.”

Because her technology permitted playback Jenna replayed the comment multiple times. How does one show a story without telling it? The question drove Jenna to research, she was surprised by her findings. Years of frustrations, anger and failure ended in a tale of setting goals with workable objectives, relishing the fruits of laborious trial and error, and professionally, she advises that her accomplishments are achievable by anybody.

Jenna writes under a pen name.


The Burning Match

Finally, they are able to love; life is strange, it offers no excuses for hurt but sadness is without rules and has no boundaries. For as long as he can remember she has held his heart; and without his smile she feels lonely. Today, and while thinking of her: a poem about two lovers excites Tony; and tonight, Julia offers him everything. Love is wonderful although at times devastating…but not this day not this night and not for them…anymore.

Sweethearts of pain
But they find love
On salty seas
Under stars above

Into his eyes
She stares so deeply
His waiting arms
She melts completely

Her heavy heart
Begins to swell
Oh secret lies
To ever tell

These few moments
An eternity
For them all
There could ever be

In his eyes
Her only world
In her smile
The perfect pearl

His tender fingers
Her body touches
Her love torn soul
His rapture clutches

With panting breaths
And willing tears
Their lifelong truths
And aging years

A long lost fire
Lights the dark
The burning match
Finds its spark

Her lovely mind
Becomes his home
Inside his heart
She is never alone
© 2008 Delbert H. Rhodes

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