My House

934405-1440x900-[]The years passed quickly and this moment a man reflects. He thinks of his life, he remembers the things that he wished, and hoped for and as always, the pleasing memories of his old house. In childhood, he lived in the country, and near a surging river; he loved the house, and the lands and nature. The boy’s greatest love was returning home each day, running and smiling he called out, “Hello!”

One day in fourth grade he met a pretty girl and the two became good friends. Melissa, and “Monte,” as she called him, often chatted as he looked over his shoulder at her. The girl’s pretty eyes, and smile and that wrinkling thing she did with her nose, excited him. Infrequently, they played together at home but their times in school were most memorable—Because of Melissa the school day felt extra special.

Near the end of the fifth grade, Monte receives terrible news, “I’m moving away,” his friend says. Away: The boy failed to make sense of away; and, strangely, never asked Melissa about her new home. Adjoined with his greatest loves, “Missa’s” memories warm him.

Those were decades ago, and today, Monte operates a successful Manhattan restaurant; and commemorating the old house: he named the business, “My House.”

A beautifully framed poem prominently rests on a wall.


My House

This is my house
Oh, please come see
I’ve lived here forever
Ever since I was three

 My toys in this closet
My playpen this floor
Teasing my sister
A spanking for sure

I love dunking cookies
Eat more than three
Need a quick boost?
Have one it’s free

 Kris Kringle’s my buddy
He peeks in my room
A jolly old man
My favorite cartoon

Up early for school
A cheerful day’s end
A few blocks away
My colorful friend

A fun day of learning
You know how it goes
Behind me sits Missa
She wrinkles her nose

On the corner my house
It is never alone
I call out, “Hello!”
It welcomes me home
© 2004 D. H. Rhodes

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