To Never Know

Twelve years passed since Tim and Gina communicated, and succeeding their conversation he lay thinking of his comment. “…Lately, I dream about a baby….” and then quickly, Gina exited the conversation, ended the call?

That night and as usual the dream continues. Waking, the man senses a connection between the dream and Gina.

Tim returns to Oregon, and as they discuss his dream the gasping woman admits, “Yes, twelve years ago we had a daughter.” Tim listens as she sadly recounts the events, her pregnancy, the miscarriage; “…I once called to tell you I was pregnant, but I failed to reach you. I never called back.”

Twelve years more since the shocking news: and often Tim thinks of his daughter; he never knew her, yet sometimes, he misses her:

To Never Know

Wakes the morning
Without a stir
A stranger’s hands
Unknown to her

Colors crying
For her smile
To morning’s eyes
A silent child

She never saw
A starlit night
Never awed the
Sky blue-white

Sparkles dancing
All about
Rainbows searching
Finding doubt

Darkness twinkled
In her eyes
Soundless ears
To Mommy’s cries

Daydreams never
In her mind
Pots of gold
To never find

She never heard
A Rooster crow
Her name to call
She’ll never know

In my arms
She’ll never be
Inquisitive eyes
To never see

Moonlit nights
Her sleep to miss
Her Mother’s songs
And loving kiss

Nursery rhymes
To never learn
One penny, brown
She’ll never earn

A favorite joke
To never hear
Scary movies
To ever fear

Cartoon capers
Cowboy show
Mommy’s touch
To never know

Blue Jays sing
A tuneless song
Rivers flowing
Far too long

Windless trees
Bending, badly
Funny clowns
Laughing, sadly

She’ll never hold
A pencil tight
Forever lost
Her joy to write

A quiet throat
To ABC’s
Childhood sickness
Bruising knees

Climbing high
A tomboy, she
In her pants
To never pee

Complaints unheard
“Work too hard”
Spending thrifts
Credit card

Her graduations
Wedding day
“I love you, too.”
To never say

Her charming hugs
I’ll never know
Sunlit strolls
We’ll never go

Here on earth
“So little time
To never know
My daughter-
Copyright ©2004-2014 Delbert H. Rhodes