The Harbingers of Humankind

cryingangelThe fate of humankind is not willed by outside forces, but by the species; alas, it is selfish, greedy, arrogant and destructive. Wantonly: It chooses its end.

Darkness consumes light and something wakes to the world. The thing is ancient and has awaited its time; and now because of choices, Master’s bidding thrives.

Since time human suffering stirred it, aroused it; and soon, it feeds. Like delicious icing to a cake, tasty emotions attract it, and the stench of decay invigorates and honors it.

The eternal crypt has left it dry and rigid, lifeless. Now membranes swell, and ooze and it feels good, dreadfully good.

Generations without life’s blood, stiffly, limbs animate. Rising: The haunts of confusion cloak it, yet stale blood speaks to a sordid tale. Surely, a tale of horror is no less worthy than one of trusting vengeance.

The powers of blackness illuminate it; and destructive peril delivers it. “Father, because of them I died, because of them I live, and forever I pledge death to the world.” Now impelled by a darkened hatred eternal damnation reigns. Gruesomely and grudgingly, the fall of humankind is traced upon retinas of terrific eyes.

This horror also devastates the helpless Guardians. Choices imperil the world, and as much as they care to help Guardians cannot interfere. The second thoughts in human thinking are the Guardians at work; they could do no more.

Before the mold was cast humankind forged its destruction. The species has but one choice, and it must choose, wisely (?).

Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Delbert H. Rhodes

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