Say It Again

By Delbert H. Rhodes


silhouettes at sunsetOnce again, at the seashore they meet. The spray of salty air is refreshing, and the sun cloaked by darkened clouds slides below the horizon. The copper veil of day unwittingly mothers a stunning moonlit night. An incredibly gorgeous scene; this is their favorite place, and they come here, often.

She is a young model and has walked the runway for about three years. Tall olive toned with blue eyes, and black hair she is exquisitely lovely. He is an older man, tall, lean, and in his early fifties and physically the man is fit. His job keeps him tremendously busy; nevertheless, he works out twice weekly. High above the water, a cresting wave bends back into the pool, and then from behind him a delicious sound.

His heart pounding he falls into her arms. Aflame, his mind is an intense fire. As their bodies entwine feelings pour over them and in desperation, he speaks. His words are tender and she squeezes, feeling all of him. Loving her is challenging, and thrilling and though she never says I love you, he feels it. She loves him too, but her involvement with this man causes complications; these affect her family, and certain friends and so she struggles. The family distrusts the relationship, and the man and though confused, her friends remain loyal and supportive. Strangely, romance with an older man sweetly touches her, and this draws her; drives her. No matter the complications, she believes in him, and must hold on even if it is scary. Scary is sexy.

Slowly, their faces join … and then it happens, so wonderful. “You should not kiss me,” he softly says. A breathy “Why not,” her lovely eyes crystal with tears. Tenderly, one of the tears meets his fingertip; lovingly, he places the finger near his lips. With her soft palms lying inside his, he murmurs, “Because I want it so much.” “…Because I… love you too much.” Often he expresses his love to her so why now does she feel differently? Turning away, a heaviness holds her, suddenly she senses freedom; somehow, this moment, she needed him to repeat the words; to hear him say what, she could not. Trembling, she pulls him closer and then finally, metaphorically her words escape, “Please… say it again,” tears overrunning the wells of her eyes, everything she is wraps around this man.

Copyright © 2014 Delbert H. Rhodes