Anna: The Passionate Tomb

fragmentation rouge

By Delbert H. Rhodes

 Staring into her eyes, Tony feels wounded by her sorrows. Anna is hurt because she cares for Tony, and though he has produced creative works inspired by others and especially women he has written nothing because of her. Tony aches for Anna, she is special to him and he loves her. Attempting to quell Anna’s anguish, he speaks while holding her hand.

“There is reason that I have not written because of you. My feelings for you are so delicate; they are powerful. I fear that if I were to produce works inspired by you my passions would entomb me. Then for the life of me what could I do.” Her heart pounding Anna begins to tear. She intently listens as Tony continues.

“My dear Anna, you are young, and beautiful and I am much older; your life, your friends are strange worlds to me. We are too different; I could not relate.” (Tony withdraws from his desire to hold Anna.) “You have a boyfriend; you love him. I am alone and I love you. The circle suffers fragmentation, too many obstacles to a meaningful connection. Anna, what should I do? Should I expect you to leave your boyfriend, to surrender all that you are to him, giving up everything you have with him? Am I the fool to dare such thoughts? No, Anna. Yes, sweet woman, I want you; but what should I do and what would become of me?”

Tony’s pleas deeply affect Anna, yet his words ring with sincerity, truth. These last moments, and although all Tony has said she feels and truly knows, still, Anna must honestly acknowledge her passions for Tony. For seven years, she has loved her boyfriend and engagement soon follows. Oh, what should she do? Her eyes welling with torrents the distraught woman says nothing, she sadly turns, and then walks away.

Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

“The Purest Forms”: Sweeter than the wildest honey

The Hill of the Angels

By Delbert H. Rhodes



The Old Man


The old man lies dying. Thinking of the distant hill, he recounts his youth and romance. Many times, he ventured there the skies awash in blue pearl, and below the crest the valley spread in rows of fields and speckling here and there with farms. To the north and east rest his properties. His family has owned the lands for generations.

The old man’s great, great grandmother nicknamed the farm “Blue Mists”; she loved the ghostly appeal of the floating sheets of dew beneath the starry blue skies. The mystery of the trees added a spectral quality to the night seeming as spirits languishing in the gloom.

Observing the trees always filled the old man with wonder; the winds disturbing them ever so slightly; the rustle of leaves filling the skies like the melodies of an orchestra fills a room. The trees in this region are healthy strong and sturdy. Here, generations of farming have produced lands and lives of abundance. The view is spectacular taking the breath away.

Aging has poisoned his health lessened his breath and reduced his strength yet the old man’s mind is young and clear. Facing his final moments, he misses his walks to the hill. For you see, it was there they met it was there they first loved. Then as she is now, the woman was a heavenly vision and sweeter than the wildest honey.

Staring into his wife’s eyes, the old man recites “The Purest Forms,” a poem he wrote for her:

   The Purest Forms

 And there, she is upon the hill
Into the skies she stares
The breath of day kissing her lips
The sunshine in her hair

 Tireless are her wanderlusts

 Oh agonizing joys
Till twilight breaks
A sweet bird calls
Her ears its favorite toys

 Inside the mists she ghostly spirits
So filled with life and jest
From her heart a lullaby
Mommy’s children rest

Ever the times of lasting love

 Never to leave her smile
Alas, she winks
Then playfully laughs
Becoming the happy child

In those years, my life so tender
The moments thrill my soul
Her spirit resounding chorally
The church bells ring with gold

Torrential downpours threaten the skies
Raindrops pepper with pollen
Serene the sounds of her baby’s cries
The purest forms of “Malin”


Tenderly, and for the last time, the old man and his wife embrace. Eternally smiling, he sweetly says, “I love you.”

Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

Something About You: The Peeping Eye

Spying on My Neighbour??!

By Delbert H. Rhodes

Lightly kissing Ja’nia’s ear, Troy says, “You have something I want, so you should be wary of me.” Enjoying his kiss, sweetly, Ja’nia asks, “What do I have that you want?” His lips tenderly brushing her ear, “Beautiful eyes an alluring smile candy lips and luscious hips.”

Smiling and trying to catch her breath, Ja’nia pushes away from Troy, but remains within his reach. Continuing the flirt, “And is that all?” Then deliciously staring into her eyes, Troy says, “You.” “I want all of you.”

Ja’nia’s entire body teems with desire, but she cannot appear easy. No woman with self-respect allows any man to ‘have’ her too quickly; to treat her as some baited fish dangling from his wormy hook. Even if it, and all of it, is absolutely true-and regarding Ja’nia’s feelings for Troy, it is.

Stepping farther away from Troy and looking out the windows, Ja’nia skillfully probes him. She needs to be sure of this man’s feelings for her. True and though Ja’nia has known Troy since they were children, and has loved him ever since, still, she must know. Oh, yes, Ja’nia realizes the lust of it all, and God knows she too lusts for Troy. For as long as she can remember it has always been this way. Troy has been the object of her affections, and her love…for years.

“Tell me something about you that nobody else knows.” Smiling, but quizzically distracted, Troy moves closer to Ja’nia, “Something nobody knows?”

Seconds begin to feel heavy; still, the two individuals seem transfixed in time. Ja’nia, patiently waiting, as Troy, thinking, tends to be somewhere else.

Turning to look out at the distant trees, Troy relishes the cohesion between the trees and the landscape. Strangely, and this has never occurred before now, Ja’nia’s question offers Troy something he has always been without, actually, something that he has avoided, the opportunity to love someone else.

strange days

Right now, Ja’nia is disappointed. Enough time has elapsed, and her question remains unanswered. She wonders whether she should never have asked it. Just as Ja’nia turns to walk away, Troy takes her hand. Once more, he tenderly brushes her cheek with his, and then softly, he whispers, “Sometimes I dream about a twin brother.”

Ja’nia is amazed about what Troy has told her, searching his face, she is certain that the tale is no lie. She asks, “What twin brother?” “When did you have a twin brother?” Troy explains that it is a dream, but often he wonders whether he had a twin before birth.

Still shocked by the story, Ja’nia offers support; she notices that Troy’s manner has become quite serious. This is something of great importance to him, and Ja’nia is satisfied, she feels secure that Troy truly loves her. She is happy.

Yes, Troy loves Ja’nia; however, he also has another love, a great love. A tale he would never share with Ja’nia or anyone else; that is, until the final moment has arrived. You see, Troy is a “Peeper.”

The high tech unsavory habit began because of his military involvements. A military lifer, Troy is Special Forces. He uses ultra-secret technologies to do his job his job is killing.

Troy remains on active duty and deploys whenever receiving the call. Missions take him anywhere in the country and the world. His kills are top secret and have the highest security clearances. Even the Country’s President cannot access the intelligence, and knows nothing of the personnel. Troy is a trained killer and the best.

The Lieutenant Colonel has led many men into harm’s way and with zero loses. Naturally, death ever awaits everyone, especially those facing it daily. This soldier loves his country; he loves his job, TROY LOVES KILLING. Lately, he has developed an even deeper love; one that takes him into the far reaches of the Internet.

Thanks to the military, Troy’s laptop, home computer and smartphone host speciliaized software. Directly accessing a military satellite, the Eye, the technology affords bird’s eye view, and worldwide. Yes, and not only site locations, but and like Supey, the Eye can see through walls, yes, and even Kryptonite.

The advanced technology exceeds the stuff the forces use in the field. The Infrared Sector has severe options attached. These and other capabilities make one man almost invincible. He has as much and more resources than an entire field battalion.

Consider: you are a little lovely taking a steamy, bath, shower or maybe even relaxing in the hot tub. The Eye sees you…ALL OF YOU.

Why would a highly ranked military type reduce to low-life behavior? Excitement. The desire to crack another unopened shell, and simply for the thrill. Unfortunately, the thrill got too hot, and the zealous military man is a bit too involved.

Initially, peeping into the private lives of others was distraction, fun, but then Troy became obsessed; he could not wait to do it again, and again. Now the man’s passions consume him.

Yes, and from time to time, the Peeper encounters a screened vision that drives him, and Troy just loves taking a ride. He enjoys going over the wall, and is hungry for the other side.

Whenever his appetite triggers, a visit is in order. Correct, an onsite visit occurs. Before he comes face to face with a sweetie Troy does a little reconnaissance. He uses the Internet for initial intelligence, and then tours the neighborhood.

Next, and even when someone is at home, the commando pops in for a closer look. While on point, the soldier familiarizes himself with the properties. The Eye has already provided the intelligence, but Troy likes firsthand knowledge. Two months ago a kill occurred. The woman decided to struggle just a little too much and then screamed. Instantly, and like the swift kiss of sharpened steel, Troy snapped the woman’s neck.

First, the feeling disturbed him, after all, the man never intended more than tasting her; but, and almost immediately, his sensors rang off the charts. His feelings overwhelmed him; it was more exciting than killing in the field. EXCITING! Troy could hardly wait for the next time. Strategy: Target. Intelligence. Engagement. KILL.

Tonight: Troy has a date to keep, and he anticipates a fun time.

(Ja’nia cannot know.)

Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

The Mecca of Mayhem: Looking from the Outside In

Fulton Street Fish Market, Manhattan.

By Delbert H. Rhodes

The day is bright almost crystal. The tall buildings are fine artists angling the sunlight into shadowy caricatures. In some places the images form crosses glorifying the view. The tones of traffic crisscrossing the streets avenues, and bridges are as grand orchestras directed by the Maestro. Horn blasts and screeching tires resound creating a chromatic synchrony of sounds.

Engines roar while vehicles of different sizes, and shapes cooperate and even compete for their rightful places on the streets. Pedestrians and bicyclers too share the traverse; the stream never ends as the mother of all cities watches, and wishes her beloved children a safe and uneventful travel. New York is a great place, and none could be better than this mecca of mayhem. Surely, from the skies the scene appears as a giant snake wrapping itself around the island, and its head and tail converging miles away.

Yes, the mecca of mayhem; however, this is not a negative description because in my way of thinking, and looking from the outside in, here, the confusion is a blessing. Everything anyone could ever want, hope, or care for is available. Culture not only lives here; but and seemingly, was and is born here. New York is the sweet mother ever pregnant with new birth, and forever swelling with the dreams of her wonderful, sometimes wrongful and beautifully delightful children. Okay, I cannot claim the coining of the next string, but “I love New York!”

Many have written, sung, and dreamed of this city. As are other great cities, New York is sticky with allure. She is the reason for local, national, and international migration to this part of the country. People venture here for work and needs of family, but mostly for the Arts. Yes, for the glory of “The Great White Way,” embellishing the theatres, songs and dance; moreover, for photography, and sculpture and architecture. A vast metropolis of mega minds flourish in this pool of pleasantry.

Caution; this city has its hot spots; New York is a dangerous place to the unwary. Walking the streets of this sweet lady a person must know her secrets her shadows her deceptions. These prevail in the wake of day and in the neon of nighttime. She is a cruel mother to the careless child. Therefore, BEWARE. Naturally, one has to be vigilant in any city or any town, but this is “our town” so lets have fun. Walking or driving through New York the senses become intoxicated by the sounds the smells the sights.

The eyes and ears adorn with the aromas of various foods, the tall buildings, and glistening signage and oh yes, the music. On the next corner, someone is performing a song, playing makeshift drums, or acting out a pantomime. Let us never forget the street vendors. These days this group has greatly declined, and that is because of a certain city proclamation enacted some years ago; but and thankfully, many remain and are once more populating the streets.

The old arcades were superb. I recall the shooting gallery up in Harlem and on 125th Street. Wow! Those were the days. The vendors are a keystone to the city, and in many ways, and for generations they are the heart and backbone of New York.

Hey, have you ever stayed in one the local hotels? Well if not then you should. Some of the greatest and grandest are within walking distance. New York is a commercial causeway. The many hotels banks museums restaurants libraries line the landscape. To her great misfortune, the city is the infamous site of “Ground Zero,” the strike zone of 911. Soon, the newly reconstructed World Trade Center stands in memory as the renewed, and renowned Ground Zero.

Then there are the parks the Financial District and the South Street Seaport (which includes the former Fulton Fish Market). Simply incredible. If you enjoy shopping for clothing then I suggest strolling over to Delancey Street, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Now here is the skinny, if you care to make purchases at a bargain rate then you must be a haggler. You know, you must be adept at encouraging the vendors to reduce the cost of goods.

Delancey Street, Bowery, Manhattan, New York City.
Delancey Street, Bowery, Manhattan, New York City

Never worry, these guys expect it, and are willing to and even enjoy the haggle. Heck, in many ways they created it. Yeah, various locations in New York sell fine clothing and shoes, but Delancey Street is well-known, historic. People from across town the states and even the country come into the city to shop there. Check it out.

Central Park (The Park as referred to by locals) is the most notable of all the parks. Over in the Village, Washington Square Park is my favorite hangout. Often after a few hours of mingling with folks, I wonder over to The Chess Mart on Sullivan Street. I am not a highly ranked player, but I can sometimes hold my own.

The Chess Mart hosts individuals representing advanced ranking to them ranking closer to my level of beginner. Once, a nine-year old Mated me in about five moves; another guy waiting to play attempts to comfort me. “Don’t feel bad, she’s a Master. See that little girl over there, that’s her little sister, she’s a Master too.” The younger sister was whipping a guy who was much older than me.

For shows on the grass, however, Central Park is the place. Many times, and during the summer and into the early fall, I have enjoyed great live performances. Another site is the Intrepid over on the West Side Highway.

Many years ago, and during the seventies, a friend and I visited the ship to enjoy the songs of a favorite Latin Jazz star, Flora Purim. Flora recorded with many of my old favorites such as Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie and Santana to name a few. Simply sensational. Of course, the many clubs throughout the city, and especially the Village serve to meet and excite the tastes of any palate.

If you savor various tastes in music poetry and storytelling, New York is a huge haven. Back in the day, I recall sitting in one particular club where after a reading finger snapping highlighted approval. Clicking either said “great!” or “not so good.” Today, and possibly, sites of this type remain tucked away behind the stones of the city.

My friends if you enjoy the sciences why not visit the Hayden Planetarium. You will find it on Central Park West. I have wonderful memories as a child in grade school; I loved the star shows. The entire ceiling brilliantly swells with stars and planets. My mind sizzled with mystery.

Would you care to see the latest movie? Venture over to Forty-Second Street and feast your eyes. Theaters along the venue, or those in the surrounding areas offer almost every movie available to the viewing public. In my youth, a weekend rarely bypassed without me strolling, and taking in a show and often all night. These days I see a movie (or a play) occasionally.

Regarding great shows, I highly recommend Madison Square Garden Radio City Music Hall, and for lovers of the Classics, Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts. These (all) are here in town, and reachable by foot or you may choose any of the city’s mass transit systems.

You say that you have a taste for the wild and love animals. Great! Venture out-of-town and into the Bronx, New York. The Bronx Zoo offers both animals and humans the opportunity to have a closer look. The trip and adventure are well worth your time. Manhattan and, every borough of the city offer wonderful opportunities for them residing within the communities and others from out-of-town. New York is not only a great place to live; but possibly, even a greater place to visit.

My friends, duty calls and I must return to the office. I have enjoyed the chat. Be well and enjoy the great City Of New York.


Copyright © 2012-2014 Delbert H. Rhodes