“I Love You”: Would you like to Play?

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By: Delbert H. Rhodes

This discussion represents simplistic momentary thinking about a complicated topic pondered by greater minds. 

Truly, why do we do it?

Saying the following three words possibly could be one of the most confusing and misunderstood and even misguided things we humans share. The words, “I love you,” do a lot of things to a lot of people. Most-times and seemingly, the tendency is more deception than truth. Correct, I love you ends more in “feel” good than “real” good. Is there a difference, in my opinion YES?

Possibly, I love you serves to satisfy the situation. Have you or someone you know ever said; I love you, for immediate personal gratification or for future gain? Sometimes individuals simply have a need to hear the words. I love you is a great equalizer a wonderful tool to level the playing field. Common ground between couples married or not (quickly) surrenders beneath a pleasurable umbrella of psycho-emotional trappings.

Young lovers together for the first time and immersed by emotions, tend to do whatever comes naturally. Here and usually, the guy is the lever behind the teetering rock. “Oh sweetheart, you “know” that I love you….” and then maybe she (willingly) slides over the edge. Sometimes the girl and this has happened to me, needs to hear I love you before surrendering to something she too desires. “Just tell me you love me.” “So lie to me.”

Few guys refuse this offer-I did. You ask why. The reason: I truly cared for and (possibly) loved her too much to take advantage of her, even if she failed to realize the fact. Given proper situation mixed with hope and many times inexperience the curtains fall.

Older and more experienced couples are adept at the game. The wife, asking hubby for something might heighten moments of pleasure to lower his defenses. Hubby running for cover says I love you, dear, to hide.

Young, or, old married, or, unmarried, emotionally and physically, the search, and regarding male female attraction in the animal kingdom, truly is about sex or procreation. The strongest suitor wins the prize.

I love you, is the quickest path through the woods, it lowers the drawbridge, and unlocks the floodgates. Yes, while coursing the wanton waters, all tall and small ships are welcome and most times without lowering the mast.

(Let us never forget the “Take”: The unscrupulous say I love you to separate money from fools, or is it the other way around. Money is a prime mover to a place not too pretty, a place filled by those ready to show (you) the way.)

Doubtless, in the human arena, “I Love You”-emotionally, financially-is the greatest, most fulfilling game we play. Those in the business of promoting and supplying the equipment acquire huge profits. Our modes of dress, girls learning to apply make-up, guys adorning the physique, the choice of automobiles, how we speak move, even intellectual abilities in many ways translate into The Game. Time trains and tests one’s abilities; though, this game has no rules, and is never (completely) understood.

Where does truth live in the foray of foreplay and deception?

Years ago and after a long night on the town, a buddy and I leaned on my couch discussing the antics of love. After hours, it seemed, of pros and cons, to do’s and not to do’s, we agreed that ‘The game is not ‘playing’ the game.’ In other words, the better method of getting what one wants is to refuse to become a part of endless foreplay.

Love and Chess share similarities: each hosting a bed of strategies and tactics, determining outcomes. On the Chess table, the King falls; in Love, the Queen gives way.

In Chess, by feigning to one side of the table, and then successfully rallying the forces to another and unexpected side, the opposing King topples. Ironically, Chess is one of the oldest games of strategic warfare by feudal Lords.

Love too is a form of war, a war of pleasure; and similar to Chess, one of its many feigns is pretension. The female (Queen) permits the male to know she sees him, but ‘allows’ him to pursue her. During this period, the male must prove he is worthy.

If the female is desirable and smart, she is able to hold his attention, staying (just) far enough away to encourage his approach. If all proceeds as she intends, soon the male would be hers, and on her terms.

Alternately, if the male is smarter and understanding of female behavior, he ignores her causing her confusion, she then and “gracefully” returns the gesture (she clearly states her feelings), and then somewhere along the merry way, the victor reaps the spoils.

Additionally, and either directly or indirectly, both individuals share important information, assuring that all is never lost. Deceptively, the trick is to appear as disinterested as possible without chasing away the other person; even using the mechanics of jealousy to help things along.

Variations to the game occur; but still, the results are (sometimes) the same. The two unite to become ‘happily argumentative.’

The Chess table though deceptive also renders a form of truth, for those understanding the deeper objectives of the game. Truth: Knowledgeable players understand and therefore enter the game with three stages in mind; one, the Opening; two, the Mid Game; and three, the End Game: each stage representative and determines whether one or the other player would eventually win or lose.

Love too has three stages, one, Foreplay, two, “I’m Hot for You,” and three, the “You’ve Changed” stage, or the “Work” stage. In stage three individuals finally (begin to) see each other. The view sometimes may not be worth the climb. After trials and tribulations, the couple decides either to remain united, or, separate, (only) to begin the process with someone new. Or Not.

As with Chess individuals enter into relationships with the belief that the outcomes are worthy of the venture. The ultimate end is marriage and with children; and along the way, the individual variations could be as imaginable as they are manageable. There is but one definite, and that is, if things fail to work out the relationship disconnects.

Okay, earlier we spoke of truth. Saying I Love You occurs whenever someone has deep feelings for another person. All too often it is customary to (have to) “prove” one’s feelings. Throughout the relationship, couples (are expected to) behave in such ways, which demonstrate “YES, I DO LOVE YOU….SEEEEE!”

In search of assistance with relationships and building trust and saving marriages, individuals seek the comfortable couches of favorite and/ or well known Psyho-Therapists or Certified Counselors, and at great expense; these professional thinkers tell them (oops!), help them to understand the issues.

Perhaps the better mode would be-to-actually BECOME the one thing each partner wants…TRUST. This is a huge hurdle and most humans fail in the jump. Something about the run down the lane before engaging the apparatus (hurdle) interferes with facilitation, with truth.

I love you is powerful and rests deep within the recesses of one’s heart, and soul and from the inception in its expression should be sensed/felt by BOTH individuals. (Good luck with that (?). This mechanism removes the unnecessary behaviors of “proof” restoring and solidifying an immovable foundation more immortal than the Herculean Pillars. True Love is about FEELINGS not proving them.

Therefore, the next time he says, “I Love You,” and the first time she says, “I Love You, too” do not simply believe but FEEL it.

Truth of the matter: In the game of love the queries have no answers; and all willing to play must be willing to risk. At times, risks are great.

Copyright (c) 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

For the Sake of Love: The Mimesis of Murder

Red Ink

By: Delbert H. Rhodes


The days and nights are witnesses to his anguish. Surely, any ever realizing a truth understand him. Today, Timothy Nolan Stealth feels overcome. He has a choice to make, a choice he may never out live.

A Wall Street Tycoon, Tim, known throughout the world for his spearheading expertise and financial prowess, falls in love. The woman of his fancy, a well-known television reporter named Marcy Peacock, attracts the man like no other. Even before his marriage to wife, Judy the man has never fallen this far.

Marcy is a lovely and intelligent woman a great reporter and wonderful mother of five children. She lives in the City and is attentively outstanding as both mother and professional. Then, one day while on assignment, she and Tim lock eyes. Yes, and so starts the illustrious affair.

Tim, the brain and brawn of a financial empire, loves his wife and family; but and though (seemingly) none could challenge this love, still, he is a man, and a man who (now) loves another woman.

Often Tim and Marz, as he lovingly calls her, meet in a downtown hotel. Surely, no one would expect to find him there. The place has no five star credentials; any person might use it, yes, and certainly not a person of his status. The sweethearts meet at night, reducing the chance of recognition. After all this is a matter of indiscretion. The hotel appears to be safe from exposure, Tim is confident about his choice.

The affair is commencing well, and then the unthinkable happens. During a walk through the hotel’s Lobby, Tim and Marz are recognized. The observer, a Wall Street Broker, and shocked by what he witnesses, decides to become a lookout. Sure enough, Timothy Stealth and Marcy Peacock frequent the hotel, and more than twice weekly. The Broker, ever on the cutting edge of ‘network news,’ and not to mention personal gain, telephones a local Reporter.

Imagine the faces of Marcy and Timothy when seeing the Front Page of a morning newspaper. The news sweeps Wall Street and Reporters are on a feeding frenzy. Timothy and Marcy are devastated.

Well that occurred three months ago, and now what of his marriage and then what of Marz. Additionally, and then there are the effects on the Market. Doubtless, stock prices are soaring downward as he thinks. News of this type causes investors to run like frighten rats. Tim needs a quick fix and fast.

On the other side of town, Marcy is not enjoying her day. The woman worries about family job and reputation. Some would offer, and from the first, she should have chosen morality over infidelity. This is true and for both individuals; strange how getting caught manifests clarity. Still, what is a woman to do?

Tim’s Secretary buzzes him, informing of a call from a TBBN Reporter. Taking the call, he and Marz agree to meet somewhere to talk about things. Unknown to the lovely lady ‘things’ are exactly what Tim is considering. The man has a dark side; it is soon to highlight the night. Tim would end this unwanted escapade. His family and business must not suffer, yes, and even for the sake of love. After all, love is an intangible; therefore, expendable.

English: FOX News Channel newsroom

Cunningly, Tim cultivates the plan; the diabolical deed begins to swell. Killing is not easy, and Timothy Nolan Stealth is not a killer. On the other hand, is he?

The Question: Why would the successful tycoon intellectual type feel the need to take a life? Why not (simply) say goodbye to indiscretion. After making the apologies and begging her forgiveness, perhaps the wife would let bygones be bygones. Of course, the lady could leave him sue for divorce and strip the fool of all he is worth. Okay, but then, things could work out for the guy. Maybe, but killing someone he says he loves, and for the sake of selfishness, is outrageous, heinous, and criminal. In addition, how is murder to benefit the market or his investors?

The Arm Chair: (The) Professional Thinkers: Would it be possible to exact the pathways to unwrap the complexities of the human mind in order that we are able to and with astute accuracy and truth postulate the standing question: “Why would a man who neither has committed a crime nor has history of violence suddenly become a violent criminal?” That is to say, to consider the unadulterated and the adulterate as one element. Possibly, the venture would only evidence mere speculation; therefore, fallible to the erroneous, and as such would be inconclusive. Indeed.

These and other rational thoughts hit the mark and make absolute sense. Nevertheless, here, we have little desire for speculation, or armchair theorems. We need absolutisms. There is but one definite, and that is, for the sake of love or selfishness, someone is going to die.

Moreover, at another juncture in his life, for Timothy Nolan Stealth the sensible would have sufficed. For reasons unknown Tim has developed a taste for the horrible, a sick flavor rots at the rear of his tongue, and he likes it! Unfortunately, for Marcy Peacock, the day dawns a new light, and its hue is deeply dark.

On the far corner sits the restaurant at which the lovers are to meet. A dark moon brightens the night while aimless clouds thread the tapestry. In the distance, the occasional shooting star graces the skies. Such a night is the best for the favorite place with the favorite person. This night has a ghoulish thirst, and its bloody flavor is sweet.

The meal and drinks were divine and to complete a wonderful setting the lovers agree to stroll by the seaside. ‘Frisco is lovely this time of year and the waterways are splendid. The crystal light reflecting the tidal pools is romantic. Rather than take the usual path, however, Tim diverts to a woody region, and luckily, no one is around. Shortly, the lovers disappear from the public eye, and then flirtatiously Marz relaxes near a tree.

The cool moist air feels wonderful, lubricating Marcy’s nostrils while passing into her lungs. The air’s freshness provides a sweet taste of lust. Marcy inhales deeply she loves the feeling as her lungs swell with oxygen. A gusty wind plays in her blond hair. Deliciously dilated, the wide-eyed woman asks, “Tim, do you like me “air brushed?” Quickly almost sexually, the wind searches beneath Marcy’s dress, the tender touch of cool fingertips feels sweetly warm.

This woman is beautiful, her stylish hair deep blue eyes and shapely lips are what every man wants in his mate. Marcy works out at a local gym; she has the body of a dancer, with sumptuously sculpted breasts. Coursing her well-formed legs and curvy hips, the worn aging creases in an old pair of blue jeans appear as artful caresses. The lady is quite the catch. Any other time, Tim would be on the make, and seduced by the seeds of love. Tonight the demon seed seduces him gorges him, brings him rapture.

Staring sincerely into her eyes, Tim takes Marz in his arms, deeply kissing her. Tenderly turning her she swoons while falling against him. The woman has no idea that this passionate moment is to be her last. She also does not know of the hidden hammer at the small of Tim’s back. Shamelessly even sinfully, Marz strokes her warm tummy with one of Tim’s hands. Her hot wet lips hunger for kissing, “I love you.”

With a deceptive smile, Tim appears to embrace the mood. ‘I love you’ is somewhat misplaced, he thinks. For, stalking the shadows of Tim’s malevolent mind, is the mimesis of murder. Acutely listening for the sounds of others, Tim, and with the skills of a soldier on point, feels the night. With chill in his veins, the brute removes the hammer from its hiding place.

Marz, delightfully distracted, fails to notice Tim’s icy stare. Then suddenly and before she realizes the terror, the woman falls limply to the ground. Beneath her head, a trail of dark red blood begins to pool; standing over Marcy Peacock’s lifeless body, the man who loved her stares down at her. (Tim tosses the hammer into the bushes.)

Turning away and without one look over his shoulder, grimly, Timothy Nolan Stealth feels a strong sense of joy, (yes) and even pride.

Copyright 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes