“A Scornful Disguise”

Sad man

By Delbert H. Rhodes

Tony has accomplished much in his life. He has the career the money the toys. He is nearing his late fifties and one thing continues to plague the man one thing (just) never seems to fit the puzzle.

Tony is a handsome guy and the ladies tend to favor him, but Tony has a difficult time with relationships. No matter how much he invests in them, time, anguish, sorrows; the end remains the same, failure.

The last woman he dated was beautiful, and though Tony never requires them to be of the movie star model type, she was “something.”

He thought that he had done (all) the right things, yet, still, she left him, and without telling the man why-what he did wrong.

Each night the stressed man suffers a worrisome sleep. He dreams of relationships, and though the dreams are different, the theme remains the same, he is pinning over another lost love, he feels betrayed.

Tony wakes never certain of the betrayal, he never knows whether it “truly” is the woman or him, he knows (only) how terribly lost and alone he feels.

Night after night Tony suffers these words:

My darling you said you loved me
In your arms, you held me close
So hungry and hurting to taste your love
I craved an overdose

Do you remember the night you kissed me
Beneath a star-lit sky
And the perfume of curious flowers
While clouds were floating by

And sweet the seductive moonlight
Touching and teasing our eyes
Then sadly, the moment shook us awake
To suffer a scornful disguise

The brilliantly dark betrayal
A tarnish forever to stain
So delicately tended and treated
A wound restoring the pain

Reflecting the broken mirror
An image doubtless I know
And risking to smile never dare I
My feelings surely to show

Without me your life you live
And happiness yours to keep
Alas, nestled upon your pristine pillow
My restless heart does sleep:

And so: Tony rends with a heartfelt plea… “If the answers live not in my dreams, then where are they to be found?”
Copyright 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

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