A Day of Beauty

English: The old part of the Rhodes University...By Delbert H. Rhodes
I sit isolated, listening to my thoughts, as vibrations of the flag ring in the air. I feel the day in its most excited state. The cells of my skin glisten, while consuming the penetrating rays of sunlight. My nostrils taste the fragrance of the coming summer flowers, I am in awe. 
Sweet perfume titillates my desire to hold a woman closely, I reach out. The stillness is disturbed by the movement of people, to a predestined place; yet no one has noticed my presence, I am invisible. 
The silence screams with the roaring cry of a cycle; perhaps on a journey into the past, take me with you. 
I hear familiar voices exemplifying gaiety, but none desires interjection of my own, respond to me. 
My ears are sensitized by the summoning bells; Hurry! Hurry! Don’t be late! 
It is desirable to capture each and every aspect of this day; however, it is impossible; for its continuation is forever, and my life is limited to a boundary. Thus, I can (only) dream of how it became, or, would continue in its infinity.
Copyright © 1975 Delbert H. Rhodes


6 thoughts on “A Day of Beauty

  1. It evokes thoughts that I have experienced, although only within myself. It makes my day a little brighter and makes me feel the sun on my face. I think its Beautiful.


  2. It evokes thoughts that I have experiencd, although only within my self. It makes my day a little brighter and as if I could the sunlight on my face. Ithink its BEAUTIFUL.


    1. Shearell, hi!
      Thank you for the wonderful comment (s). Yes, days like the day/morning the poem was born are splendidly beautiful; and the sunshone on my face as well; while the winds brushed and played about my (then) thick dark hair.

      I love (d) days of this type; I sat thinking of the class soon to begin and naturally other thoughts found their way into my mind.

      I hope to hear from you again.


  3. This is so beautiful Del. So glad I read that today as it calmed my spirit which was starting to spin out of control. It brought my inner voice back in balance with the help of you and God. His timing is ALWAYS perfect. Love to you my friend. 🙂


    1. Hi MaryAnn!
      I am happy to know that in even a small way my words have aided in bringing you peace. Naturally, I could never compete with the Almighty and His benevolence, but I am thrilled to be permitted (an) accompaniment to Him.

      “A Day of Beauty” was written early one spring morning (1975) on the campus of Cortland College, Cortland, NY. I sat on the stoop of a Science building awaiting the start of a (Sat) Zoology class.

      Early spring in Cortland is ever wonderful! the smell of flowers fills the air and the light is pure and crystal. These days and (so) often, I think of those days and miss them-alot.

      Be Well my friend/Love to You.


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