“The Lord is thy Sheperd: The great aching search”

English: Statue of Christ To be found in the L...

By Delbert H. Rhodes

Trying “sometimes” stares strangely at him; wanting cares little for his sake, forsaking him begrudgingly. Seemingly: everything denies and rejects him.

Time is no friend: it selfishly flirts with the heavens, and is (too) far away. Hurt clutches him: embracing his brittle embryonic tears.

Yes he cries, yes, he feels.

Yes, yes.

Oh, to soothe the wrinkle in his heart; perhaps (then) he would know release; maybe then he could find peace.

Looking to the skies: “The Lord is thy Sheperd!”

What is to become of him?
Copyright 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

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