A Day of Beauty

English: The old part of the Rhodes University...By Delbert H. Rhodes
I sit isolated, listening to my thoughts, as vibrations of the flag ring in the air. I feel the day in its most excited state. The cells of my skin glisten, while consuming the penetrating rays of sunlight. My nostrils taste the fragrance of the coming summer flowers, I am in awe. 
Sweet perfume titillates my desire to hold a woman closely, I reach out. The stillness is disturbed by the movement of people, to a predestined place; yet no one has noticed my presence, I am invisible. 
The silence screams with the roaring cry of a cycle; perhaps on a journey into the past, take me with you. 
I hear familiar voices exemplifying gaiety, but none desires interjection of my own, respond to me. 
My ears are sensitized by the summoning bells; Hurry! Hurry! Don’t be late! 
It is desirable to capture each and every aspect of this day; however, it is impossible; for its continuation is forever, and my life is limited to a boundary. Thus, I can (only) dream of how it became, or, would continue in its infinity.
Copyright © 1975 Delbert H. Rhodes


“The Lord is thy Sheperd: The great aching search”

English: Statue of Christ To be found in the L...

By Delbert H. Rhodes

Trying “sometimes” stares strangely at him; wanting cares little for his sake, forsaking him begrudgingly. Seemingly: everything denies and rejects him.

Time is no friend: it selfishly flirts with the heavens, and is (too) far away. Hurt clutches him: embracing his brittle embryonic tears.

Yes he cries, yes, he feels.

Yes, yes.

Oh, to soothe the wrinkle in his heart; perhaps (then) he would know release; maybe then he could find peace.

Looking to the skies: “The Lord is thy Sheperd!”

What is to become of him?
Copyright 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes