NOISE!: Unreasonable and Unwelcome Disturbances


By Delbert H. Rhodes



Yes, ever wish that you possessed the ability to mind-meld to be Vulcan? Sharing mental images with others could create better understanding and appreciation of behavior. Ok, many downsides could co-exist, but for simplicity let’s consider the positive outcomes.

 Society is filled with unwanted negative behaviors and these in turn and many times result in negative behaviors. One basic positive behavior is respect or consideration for others. Believe it or not, respect or human decency is sometimes “simply” ignored.

 No-matter the lifestyle most people have little time to relax. That said, I ask you to take a moment this moment and listen to your environment; can you hear it? Is it like mine is it noisy? Traffic (alone) intrudes with loud car engines, tire roll, and YES! the BOOMING RADIOS which can be heard from great distances.

 The intrusions of automotive engines, tire roll, and booming car radios are not enough? Neighbor noise horribly intrudes, imposing upon any/all caring to relax, sleep, watch a movie on T.V., or become sweetly enthralled by a pleasing book. (And) here is a consideration-if you could-listen to YOUR thoughts.

 Whether unwanted noises are borne by traffic neighbors businesses industry or an old barn hosting musical practice of a sort; especially the sort that you disfavor! they are unreasonable and unwelcome disturbances. Like the spider’s web such behaviors have snared communities across the country; these anti-social mannerisms are cast in the play of Poor Personalities; a play in great need of better production, writing, editing and directing.

 How many times have you asked OUT LOUD: where are the police? WHY are people permitted to violate peace and quiet? Ok, the police have more important issues like crime? Naturally crime and issues of safety are critical to all; but HELLO? is noise not an issue of safety? Additionally, is there a relationship affecting health? While driving, are booming car radios distractive, do they inhibit attentiveness to the road other vehicles and pedestrians?



 Drivers and listening to loud music is a horrible reason for other people to be denied immediate assistance, or injured on the streets. Emergency Services personnel could be detained in traffic because the driver in the front car failed to hear the siren. Yet many blocks to the rear and the front, the driver’s loud music is clearly heard!

 Somewhere in the region a burglar is trying to enter a home, the owner calls the police reporting the crime. Police Units are dispatched to the residence, but are held up in traffic. Why? Many reasonable causes slow help; but for victims to not receive critical assistance because of some “JERK” and loud music is INSANE!

Or, what about tension: ROAD-RAGE foggy to memory folks? What of hypertension? This dreaded physiologic disorder is a silent and deadly killer of many; could loud noises attribute (more) suffrage to those afflicted by this disease? Then of course, there is the obvious…deafness in adults and children.

Hmmm: children and loud audio: Not only a health and safety issue, but one of parental abuse? Hey, consider this: “FLASH: Mr. and Mrs. Parent jailed for long-term abuse of their children. The children were evaluated and found to have loss of hearing, and destruction to the nervous system, and other health related injuries.” Why did this happen? BEHAVIOR: Irresponsible, and not necessarily ignorant, parents subjected them to loud audio (music/T.V./other). Would you care to be the first case the PRECEDENT?

The abusive act occurs, and in my opinion, (possibly) in the homes of parents who are also well-educated. Maybe even Teachers? Would abuse regarding issues of health and safety (which would include loud noises) be covered under the legal provisions regulating child protection? My guess, yes.

Regulation? Absolutely: Disturbance Of The Peace is enforceable, and one could be jailed for offenses. Most communities host, even if unenforced, laws of QUIETUDE. These laws usually indicate times, days, procedures and punishments. Unfortunately, and unless someone actually cries FOUL, noise and those committing it is left unchallenged.

How many times have you been imposed upon by a neighbor’s loud Television, Radio, or Stereo? These and other noisy frustrations occur too often, and though initial complaints may afford satisfaction, the relief is (usually) short-lived. Experience indicates (to me) that noisy neighbors soon, and within three to five days, return to PREFERRED behaviors-NOISE!

Three Cheers for those taking such complaints to heart; removing the behaviors permanently; and congratulations to others for NEVER committing the intrusions.

Some may demand: “I have a ‘RIGHT’ to play my music/T.V./Stereo!” TRUE. Yet, individuals have “NO RIGHT,” to do so in ways disturbing to others.

I have often spoken of becoming a law-maker: caring to restore peace and quiet to communities. Let’s begin by removing loud car radios from our municipalities.

Would THIS BEHAVIOR improve the quality of living in YOUR community?
Copyright 2011 Delbert H. Rhodes