Decision time

By Delbert H. Rhodes

Through our lives we learn many rules and laws and rights and wrongs; we are taught to strive for betterment truth integrity honor and yes, honesty.

Still and sometimes: somewhere along the way these values are lost. One day or night we wake with a pulsing plea; a need to surrender to another side of us; perhaps the “true” side of us? We decide to abandon all the time, efforts, years, frustrations and even families to a greater and more important “SELF.”

Correct, and please, if this syndrome seems familiar speak out, stand to own it. The question is WHY?

Why is it that anyone, man or woman, seems to wait until AFTER marriage and children BEFORE realizing that marriage and children were the WRONG things to do; and naturally deciding that abandoning family is proper?

Agreed, the single life is attractive, but could/should this life-style have been more considerable while one “WAS” single? Oh, and yes, the bends and twists in the roadway are ever significant regarding decisions and the “I cannot take it anymores.” Still: What of the children (?); for, forever they are left suffering the mistakes of parents and parenting-or lack thereof….

Surely the professional thinkers would (care to) offer vast studies of psycho-emotional tendencies, and let us never forget those wonderful university studies power packed with armchair academic analyses and resolutions. Great. Yet although we embrace these wonders of mankind’s mental meanderings, still I ask…

Copyright © 2011 Delbert H. Rhodes