Losing a Loved One

By Delbert H. Rhodes 

(I loved her)

Losing someone you love is very hurtful. Over the years: I have lost many in my family. My first loss occurred in childhood, my youngest baby sister. Many years later: my mother explained that she found my sister dead in her crib.

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Crib death occurs to many babies. A thief in the night, it steals our loved ones, leaving us devastated.

Even today, I think of my little sister, sometimes I miss her. My sister was beautiful; she was like my mother.

Each day, before going outside to play, first I stopped to play with my sister. She loved to laugh, and her laughter thrilled me. One day, neither the crib, nor my sister was present. Asking my mother of the baby’s whereabouts availed me only confusion. Somehow, I realized that my sister and I would play no more.

Though I had known her for a short while, I formed an attachment to my little sister, to never see her again, saddened me.

They were many years ago: yet, today, and whenever thinking of  little Cynthia, tears fill my eyes. I loved her.

Copyright © 2011 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Losing a Loved One

  1. It is never easy to lose a loved one – especially when they were not ill, and death was unexpected.

    Good, bad, or indifferent – their memory will always be with us. Death is a part of life, and no one escapes their appointment – when their time on earth is done. “It is appointed unto men once to die.”

    Some may leave tragically, and others mysteriously – in all – the pain and loss is felt – deeply. Many in our opinion, are “gone too soon.”

    Too many of our loved ones are lost to violence and abuse. Alcoholism and drug addiction takes their tolls as well. Some people never get over the death of a child, or a spouse. Especially when their lives were defined by the one(s) they lost.

    Those who believe in God embrace the fact that death of the body is not death forever. Someday the dead shall rise again, and receive the rewards of life – as God sees fit.

    There was a time that I was afraid of death, even the very mention of it. I still don’t like funerals, however, when I attend a funeral of one who served Christ, the pain is not as unbearable as when one who dies without Christ as Savior.

    Embracing death of the body is to embrace life of the spirit. For, we never completely die – our souls live on.

    We must forgive those who have passed on who have wounded us, for they are much closer to their eternal judgment than we who are alive.

    I don’t fear death, for Christ my Savior will walk that dark corridor with me. And then, I will be home – at last. I shall see those whom I miss, hopefully, again.


    1. Hi. Yes. Your words are so true. Always it is difficult losing someone when it is unexpected. The loss of Cynthia, my little sister, hurt me, even though I was a child of about five years. I recall the last day I played with her at her crib. She and the young son of my mother’s friend shared Cynthia’s crib that day; Cynthia was happy laughing and playful as always. Today I can almost hear her laughter. Strange how the brain is able to store memories, even those occurring at such a young age.

      True: “Death is a part of life, and no one escapes their appointment….” This I have repeated and though most people dislike thinking of death, it lives with us from the first breath; all else occurs in a death cycle, spiraling out of the living plane. This we must somehow learn to accept and then perhaps living would be more honorable, more defined.

      “Those who believe in God embrace the fact that death of the body is not death forever.” Absolutely! Surely the believers would revel in this joy.

      “There was a time when I was afraid of death….” Understandable. The unknown is fearful; on the contrary, throughout life we learn to be more fearful of things we know.

      With all the human race has accomplished, one could believe that comprehension of what is life/living would one day become fact. On that day possibly understanding death too would live.

      ssofdv: You are blessed with a purity of heart and mind, I am blessed to have opportunity to share your thinking, your feelings.

      God knows this to be true.


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