One Moment of Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness

By Delbert H. Rhodes


Respectfully: I suggest yes. Demonstrating the syndrome: I insert happiness into the realm. This moment happiness thrives: banishing depression, sadness, pain, and suffering to nothingness. This moment I choose to celebrate joy, laughter, fun, frolic; and marvels of the child’s mind; the curious cranial similarities of human, dolphin, and crow and the everlasting wonders of love.

Ok, yes, I know, these feelings wonderful though they be cannot remove past experiences, and would not solidify a permanent focus of mind.

I Agree.

Yet, and as noted: I CHOOSE to celebrate.

(And) CELEBRATE I shall.

I offer those daring the risk, one moment:


A strange tale from long ago, and told by those who knew. Tells of a land where dwells a creature; and doubtless, the story is true. Its coat of silk, mane of light, and eyes shining like glass, with hoofs of rose to touch the heart, its speed exceedingly fast; with wings of gold brushing the winds it traces across the skies; and believe it or not, the “old one” says, through centuries old it flies. The search for truth its ultimate quest, rainbows light the way; continues the search, the old one says, until this very day. The goal unmet it is not done yet; and every rock it turns, its life it offers to death…until mankind learns. The human heart one day to find; then surely the searching ends; on that day, love would live, and then life begins….

Copyright ©2008-2014 Delbert H. Rhodes

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