By Delbert H. Rhodes


I am happy to welcome you to my blog site. Living Shadows is ever-expanding, adding improvements Pages and Posts. Look around, maybe something would catch your eye.

Feelings represent a centralized theme; and doubtless, discussion could demonstrate acute seriousness, nevertheless, Living Shadows will mix it up a bit; allow (for) other avenues of thought.

At times, you may laugh, you may even cry; possibly, the material would cause you to stare with stark question, and then that certain Page or Post simply pisses you off; if so, then Voila!  As a writer, I have done my job.

My job as a writer is to explore and present my feelings with truth; and to evoke and provoke thinking, to engage you. As the readers, my feelings and truths, my teasing and taunting of your mindsets, my hunger not to only take you out of the box, but to rip it open, would affect you differently; and as such, your varied reactions, responses and opinions are important.

That  documents demonstrate artful improvement is crucial; content should flow well and be grammatically correct. The nine elements of speech and how they interrelate are important: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, verbals, adjectives, prepositions, interjections and conjunctions portray more the “Purist” or Literal rather than the non-standard and colloquial structure. Regarding voice, the “active” rather than “passive” voice dominates; however, intent determines how the clause shapes a moment, scene; therefore, passive voice may be used.

Your feedback assists me by pointing to my strengths and weaknesses; thereby, aiding reconfiguration of my skill sets; I become a better writer. Therefore, I need your insights, constructive criticisms and inspirational inputs.

Here and together, we may live, learn and grow.

Would you disagree that an informed start is a great way to begin? Below: windows provide categorical views of the site.


Many reasons exist for constructing the site, I will share a list with you:

1. Enjoyment of writing and self-expression
2. Sharing insights and creativity
3. Providing honest discussions of and sharing private thoughts
4. Enhancement of healing
5. Opinions, advice, forums


1. Expert Communicator
2. Expert Writer
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5. Expert Publisher
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4. Comments must be approved by site publisher before posted on site.
5. A disapproved comment does not imply disapproval of the party posting comment. Party is encouraged to post other comments.
6. Profanity, unless judged ‘artful,’ is not permitted. Artful refers to use of dialogue in characterization, i.e., a character in a play, short-story, poem, other. The site publisher deems what is or not artful.
7. The site publisher may choose to disapprove comments to the site. Or, decide to disapprove a previously posted comment returning it into moderation, or permanently delete comment.

Read. Ponder. Enjoy.
D. Rhodes


Living Shadows does not accept responsibility for UNDERAGED readers. Parents are encouraged to screen the visitations of (their) minor children. In some instances, the fictionalized characters may relate to persons living or deceased; these occasions are infrequent and Living Shadows intends neither invasion of privacy nor defamation of character. Discussions or characterizations of truthful events provide portrayals of a person, or, persons are based on the author’s experiences, these characterizations, at times, may be less than favorable. For the most part: characters are fictional.
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